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About Grassline

Grassline Sports Marking Liquids is a specialist manufacturer of many types of line marking paint
for every type of sport surface.

We can offer you high performance white and coloured grass paint as well as artificial grass and hard surface line marking paint. The majority of our line marking paints come in 10 litre bottles in concentrated form for diluting with water so that you can choose the appropriate strength of mixed paint to suit your situation.

We can, however, also offer you a white Ready to Use (ready mixed) line marking paint and smaller 5 litre bottles of hard surface line marking paint concentrate for those small line marking jobs – car parks, playgrounds etc.

Grassline also sell a range of professional line marking machines, including transfer wheel line markers and spray line markers.

Whatever your requirements or situation, we can offer you a solution to meet the line marking task in hand and what’s more, all our prices include the delivery charge so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to paying.

Contact us on 01924 403344, or email to

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Top Sellers

Titan Spray Line Marker

Hand built in the UK, the Titan has twin spray nozzles, a large 30 litre tank and full access to battery and pump.


Grassline Heavy Duty

Formulated specifically for transfer wheel application only


The Linear 2 or 4 Wheel Aerosol Applicator

A strong, high quality, heavy duty all metal aerosol applicator manufactured in the UK for spraying a 50mm (2inch) wide line. Can be used as a two or four wheel applicator.


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